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Latest release: 0.8.0-preview Published 10 Oct 2018

0.8.0-Preview Release Notes



Since it has been over a year since the previous release it is possible not all breaking changes are accounted for, so you should test this out first and backup your redis/ledis data. Some known breaking changes:

  • The elastic configuration is different, see System configuration :: ElasticConf for an example of what it should look like
  • In order to support linking related incidents, a migration will run on the redis/ledis data on the first startup which will need to complete before Bosun starts running

Major Changes

Expression Language Changes

Misc Enhancements

  • Configuration: support RuleVars in system configuration for obscuring secrets. c699b45
  • Scheduler: distributed alert checks can be enabled to prevent high load spikes #2249
  • UI: native short links in bosun instead of #2210
  • UI: added setting for example expression in *.toml #2261
  • UI: disable items menu point for environments without OpenTSDB configuration #2267
  • UI: replace textarea with aceeditor in expr #2266
  • UI: fix incident view for closed incidents #2315
  • Incident Filters: added incident filter since #2215
  • Notifications: added extra info to unknown templates #2269
  • Logging: improve logs #2299 #2218
  • Elastic: added ES SimpleClient support for bosun backend and annotation. #1947
  • Templates: add Scheme option to system configuration so generated links can be https #2209
  • Auth: support for LDAP user authentication. #2181
  • Expr: print db when profiling InfluxDB queries #2235
  • API: add notification stats to health endpoint #2222

Misc Fixes

  • UI: silence view: fix durations #2311
  • UI: incident view: fix durations #2312
  • UI: fix “items” flashing with ng-cloak #2313 / #2286
  • UI: remove not used errors column in rule editor #2270
  • UI: fixed tags parameter for silencing button on dashboard #2265
  • Expr: fix math operations on results of aggr #2306
  • Expr: fix parsing of OpenTSDB 2.2+ filters so that only group terms get added to the result tag set #2212
  • Expr: Fix influxdb query caching #2234
  • API: routes should never serve home page as html. #2284
  • Silence: fix scheduled auto-forget silences #2120
  • Incident Filters: Fix user field #2246
  • Elastic: fix conflicts when using multiple ES cluster with client options enable. #2239
  • Notifications: fix issues with actionBodyForceClose, actionBodyDelayedClo and actionBodyCancelClose #2198
  • Notifications: fix macros for Notifications #2199
  • Notifications: fixed wrong nested ul in unknown notify #2208
  • Notifications: follow lookups for notification validation. #2168
  • Notifications: stop sending mail if ‘To’ slice empty #2217
  • Notifications: fix post notification logging #2196

Misc Code Changes

  • Expr: Refactor: move miniprofiler Timer to state #2287
  • Expr: Add origin to expr state #2317
  • Expr: remove elastic v1 “logstash” code #2178


  • avoid panic in google analytics collector #2291
  • add sync stats to redis collector #2232
  • (wip) windows remote access services (ras) metrics #2245
  • include slab as free mem for linux os.mem #2250
  • more accurate linux mem free if available #2252
  • Added Elastic config options #2257
  • support new time format for puppet 5 #2191
  • add windows support to puppet collector #2227
  • add NETDataProviderForSqlServer metrics #2225
  • Update linux interface collector names. #1985
  • Added SSL collectors into extrahop collector #1824
  • bug fixes for Azure EA billing #1984
  • Updated Azure EA collector to add new tags. #2011
  • Fix bug in AWS billing collector. #2156
  • Fixed bug in ElasticSearch collector for Elastic 5.x #2155
  • Allow Elasticsearch Auth and TLS #2308


  • transpose t() explanation #2300
  • Document json, makeSlice, and makeMap template functions #2241
  • update system_configuration docs to reflect RedisDb configuration var… #2220


  • remove esv5 argument #2318
  • travis go verion 1.10.3 to 1.11 #2319


  • use SSL to talk to bosun #2278


  • Update WMI to support int[] #2213


Binaries are provided below. All web assets are already bundled. Source instructions provided for developers.

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