Getting Started

Installing Bosun for Production by Dima Medvedev

A detailed walk-through of installing Bosun and OpenTSDB using Apache Ambari to setup HBase/Hadoop. See also these snippets for using Cloudera CDH 5.4.4 on RHEL 6.

Stack Overflow’s Bosun Architecture

Reference setup of Bosun in a production environment.

Bosun Fundamentals video playlist by Kyle Brandt

An introduction to the data model of Bosun’s primary time series backend OpenTSDB. The first video covers time series, metrics and tags, aggregation, rate calculation, and downsampling. The second video covers data types, functions, operators, and set joins.

Docker images

There is a full Bosun image that can be used for testing (Not recommended for production use), and an OpenTSDB only image if desired. Newer versions than the published ones can be built with the docker-compose.yml file in the docker directory of the repository.

Chef Cookbooks by ptqa

There is a cookbook for using Chef to deploy scollector and another work in progress for deploying Bosun.

Slack Chat Room and Questions on Stack Overflow and Server Fault

If you have questions you can get an invite to or use the Bosun tag on Stack Overflow or Server Fault.



Monitorama 2015 (PDX) by Kyle Brandt

This presentation has screencasts of building an alert starting about 15 minutes in. The first 15 minutes explain some of the design principles behind Bosun. After the first screen cast of building an alert there are also some example alerts.

An overview of creating Scollector and Bosun by Craig Peterson and Greg Bray

Presentation give to the Utah Gophers meetup about creating a monitoring and alerting system in Go.

LISA 2014 by Kyle Brandt

This was the first presentation on Bosun which was given right after the initial release. A great introduction to the underlying thoughts on problems with alerting and how Bosun solves them.


Libraries and Collectors

BosunReporter.NET by Bret Copeland

A .NET client to send metrics to Bosun/OpenTSDB. It is designed to encourage best-practices while making it easy to create counters and gauges, including multi-aggregate gauges.

Bosun collect package

A Go package used by Bosun, scollector, and various other applications to send metrics to Bosun/OpenTSDB. Includes limited support for multi-aggregate gauges.


A Go package and command line tool used by scollector to send HTTP, HTTPS, and TCP test results to Bosun.

bosun-jmx by Peter Grace

A external collector that relays JMX metrics to Bosun/OpenTSDB via scollector. Also a good starting point for a custom Java collector.

go-metrics-bosun by Richard Bucker

A Bosun port for the go-metrics library based on Coda Hale’s Metrics library.

vertx-bosun by Jeremy Truelove

Sends metrics from Vert.x applications to Bosun.


Send ekg metrics from Haskell applications to Bosun.

bosun_emitter by Lukas Pustina

bosun_emitter is a Rust library and CLI standalone binary called emit_bosun that may be used on the command line or from any shell script to send a single metric datum to Bosun.


OpsGenie Marid integration for Bosun.

rs-collector by Lukas Pustina

rs-collector is a Rust based, scollector compatible telemetry collector for services currently not covered by scollector. It collects selected metrics for Galera, JVM, MongoDB, Postfix etc.

See also the list of built-in collectors included with scollector



hubot-bosun by Lukas Pustina

Bosun integration for Hubot allowing to ack and close incidents as well as to create and clear silences with optional prettified Slack output.

discreet-scollector by Chris Pisano

Puppet module for installing and configuring the SCollector agent.

VS Code Plugin by Tom Butterwith

Syntax highlighting, openTSDB metric path completion and config validate extension for VS Code.

iOS Widget for Bosun Alarms by Lukas Pustina

This is a quick and dirty JavaScript snippet for the iOS app Scriptable allowing to create a Bosun Alarms overview widget for iOS 14+.


Screenshots and other Media